Performetric Web App

Project Walkthrough

Diogo Maia Caetano
3 min readJun 11, 2019

The Concept

This was the first project I worked on with Performetric.
I started by finding a balance between the simplicity, functionality and looks.

I must say that I found in this project a great challenge in order to find a balance that could fit on the goals. The need to work with graphics and analytic information is something that scares the bravest of the designers. I think that only the idea of making graphics creates a barrier between good looking and content. I thought that a great way to solve this problem was thinking of water. The idea of creating a graphic, with all the analytic info but smooth and clean. This thinking became “the concept” of the project and was the base to later design the Desktop App.

The Idea

The idea was to create a layout that couldn’t be associated to any kind of template, something modern and stylish, but also with the clear idea that I couldn’t lose the seriousness that the web app needed to had.

That way, and after filtering all the existing content of the web app, you have the Workforce, where you can see any users/teams you want to. The Fatigue Analysis which contains all the detailed info about every user and team. And of course, the home page were you can easily find the general information about the fatigue of your team (or your personal fatigue, in case you login only on your personal account).
On this view I have access to everything regarding to my work performance and my fatigue. And if I want more details, I can for example, select the category “Drawing” and I’m able to see my Keyboard and Mouse performance.

The Features

If I had to pick one feature that I like the most about the web app, I would definitely choose the “Waves”. I thing that using this approach gave a new essence to the product and was the beginning of everything.

Another feature that I think It’s very interesting is the “Events”: If you access your web app, you’ll find Events of related to your fatigue, but you can also add your own events. I believe that this is really cool, because this way you can create a relation between your work schedule and your appointments with your fatigue.

The End

The Web App is available to use through Performetric’s Webpage.
I invite you to give it a try. You can ask for a month trial for you and your team, where you’ll have the possibility to use the Desktop App and the Web App. Personally, I’m always trying to improve my work performance and this product is not only interesting, but I also really enjoyed him and I was able to see and embrace his importance.