Performetric Desktop App

The Concept

• Create a clean environment;
• A Human-Centered Design;
• Creation of new features like: Fatigue Notifications, Working Hours, Extra-Time and Achievements;

More than any kind of improvement on the design, there were an yelling need to create balance, a visual culture that anyone could easily distinguish. You need to receive a notification, and even with no direct reference to the company, you should be able to say “Yep… this is Performetric!”

The Idea

A thing that became obvious is that the previous app had very detailed information. But who said that the App shouldn’t have that kind of detailed information? That’s why we’ve created this two tabs; Inside each tab you can have access to the same amount of detailed information that you had previously. The difference lies in the organization of the content.

Fatigue Analysis

The Features

The Working Hours is also a very interesting feature. Imagine that you have an app that you use mostly use during your work day and on your personal computer… you’re at home at 10PM, watching Netflix with your beloved one and suddenly you receive a notification (ARGH!!) of fatigue because you’ve laid down and you’ve typing slower than usual. The app would think that you’re exhausted… With this feature you can now select the hours you start working, your lunch break and your afternoon schedule. After you leave your workplace the app won’t notify you about anything (Unless you ask for it).


The End

Personally speaking, I’m always trying to improve my work performance and be more productive.

Product Designer