Tobacco is one of the main avoidable causes of disease and premature death in the entire world. In order for you to be aware, in Portugal on the year of 2016, tobacco was responsible for 10,6% of the deaths! Personally, and talking based on my own experience, when smokers want to stop the addiction, usually it’s because of 1 out of 2 scenarios:
• The scare — We’ve went to the doctor, he told us that we really need to stop smoking;
• The aware — We understand how bad tobacco is, and we want to cut the bond.

So what am I proposing?


Redesigning the present

Sporting Clube de Portugal

“Esforço, Dedicação, Devoção Glória. Eis o Sporting Clube de Portugal

On this day, on the year of 1906 Sporting Clube de Portugal was created.

In 113 years of existence the club has won a huge amount of competition in several sports being for that reason the 2nd biggest club in the world, only surpassed by Barcelona.

The current App

Speaking as a designer and focusing on the subject of the article, there’s a huge issue about Sporting, and that issue is the App. Something that should be the main access to the associates in order to know everything related with the club is completely outdated on the topics of UX/UI.

Project Walkthrough

The Concept

This was the first project I worked on with Performetric.
I started by finding a balance between the simplicity, functionality and looks.

I must say that I found in this project a great challenge in order to find a balance that could fit on the goals. The need to work with graphics and analytic information is something that scares the bravest of the designers. I think that only the idea of making graphics creates a barrier between good looking and content. I thought that a great way to solve this problem was thinking of water. The idea of creating a…

A Project walkthrough

The Concept

The goal was to change the meta.
There were a lot of topics that were discussed in order to improve the next version of the Desktop App. The goals for this redesign were:

• Create a clean environment;
• A Human-Centered Design;
• Creation of new features like: Fatigue Notifications, Working Hours, Extra-Time and Achievements;

More than any kind of improvement on the design, there were an yelling need to create balance, a visual culture that anyone could easily distinguish. …

A Side-Project

The Concept

The presence of technology in on our lives is always improving. Ten years ago you would only use your phone to make calls and text, today these features are ordinary and something that everybody has.
Thanks to Google, you have access to a great amount of apps that can interact with each other, such as Gmail, Google Drive, Tasks, Calendar, GoogleNews, Primer, Google Maps, etc.

The Idea

Let’s imagine this situation:
Let’s say that you’re at work on a rainy afternoon, but you’ll need to leave the office earlier because you have an appointment on the other side of the town. It’s 4PM…

Diogo Maia Caetano

Product Designer

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